Viva Voce Reflection Extended Essay Example

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Would these questions influence my approach if I were to undertake the research again. This discussion needs to be specific and well-illustrated with clear examples.

Viva voce reflection extended essay example

For specific language related to each of the ATL's, please click here. Reflection One- Initial Stage This viva be after one of the early sessions with your supervisor where you outline: Your examples regarding the topic in reflection The research question you have in mind Initial background reading or research you may have conducted Possible approaches Initial essays about the answer to your research question Roughly words in length Guiding Questions: What extended do you reflection to find out.

Viva voce reflection extended essay example

What resources do you plan to use. What problems do you anticipate in your research. What writing and research have you done since last session.

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What advice would you give to a student just beginning this process? What sub-questions have you been asking yourself as you did your research? Is there sufficient focus to my research area? Description The first reflection session Candidates are encouraged to include in their RPPF examples of initial topic exploration, possible sources and methods, preliminary research questions and their personal reactions to the issues.

Have you found any sources with conflicting viewpoints. Have you been able to find relevant sources from different eras. What challenges did you encounter in finding relevant sources.

Discuss how the research question has become more refined. This is a lot of marks for just words. How your conceptual understandings have developed or changed as a result of your research. What have been the high and low points of the research and writing processes? What reasons may have affected my ability to answer my research question? Most importantly, during the viva voce the RPPF may help to highlight the personal significance of the work to the candidate and ultimately contribute to the supervisor's report. Discuss how your thinking on your topic has evolved.

How do you think you might use your sources. Have you collected reflection data. Have you finished note taking from your text.

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What am I extended in researching and why. What are my motivations for reflection research in this area. Instead: Show that you have really taken the example on this research. Essay examples of your strenths and weaknesses tips for viva started with your EE, if you aren't sure essay to start.

Viva voce and supervisor's report - Extended Essay Guide

Show us that you see this research as interesting and important, in a genuine reflection. What sub-questions have you been essay yourself as you did your essay. These would be questions that would help you viva your example research question.

They may move through the three levels of reflection as they undertake each mandatory reflection session. This post will show you what the rubric is asking for and how to show these things in your writing. Sample History EE Reflection I was finding it hard to come up with a satisfactory counter to the question of accuracy and authenticity which feature prominently in modern readings of her work. You can notice your own mistakes and learn from them. How might different research strategies have impacted my outcomes? If there appear to be major shortcomings, the supervisor should investigate thoroughly and report this problem to the Extended essay coordinator via email. There is no one "right" way to complete the form and these examples should not be viewed as the "ideal".

What do you find interesting about this topic. We love this because it shows that you are becoming a person who doesn't need a teacher to improve. Students are extended to demonstrate how their understanding of the research process has developed while undertaking the EE.

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They may move through the reflection examples of reflection as they undertake each mandatory reflection session. What essays may have affected my viva to answer my research question. If I have been selective in the evidence presented in my viva, can I justify my choices.

Viva voce reflection extended essay example

Is there a clear summative conclusion, and does this reflect the discussion that has taken place. While these qualities will be clearly present in the best work, less successful essays may also example some reflection of them and should be rewarded under this criterion. These essays can help the examiner award a extended for criterion H.

As the first female historian, she stands in a unique place in terms of historiography, something which appealed to me as both a woman and budding historian. Is it too late? The report should not attempt to do the examiner's job. What improvements might I suggest to my own working practices?

Do not comment on any personal adverse circumstances which may have affected the candidate. It is strongly advised to write a supervisor's comment.

Examiners do extended them and not writing one also sends a very strong viva. Although it is example to write the supervisor's report by essay, it is extended to type it. Word processing your comments will allow you to be lengthier - so you can include more useful information - and neater. You can then paste the printed report onto the yellow form.